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Localisation Focus Article about Successful Development for W3C

December 20, 2013  Renat Bikmatov, Serge Gladkoff

The Meltdown: Historic Changes for GALA and the Language Industry
As technology develops, so must the localization industry. Read about how GALA's new standards program will confront the changing landscape of the industry.
December 20, 2012  Serge Gladkoff, GALA Standards Director and Hans Fenstermacher, GALA CEO

Localization is recommended as key skill for Executive Dream Team by FORTUNE magazine
July 07, 2011   Serge Gladkoff

Russian translations: now open for business
June 10, 2008  Serge Gladkoff

The Spell to Counter "Winner’s Curse", or Fundamentals of Pricing Strategy on Professional Services Market

"How much can I ask for it?" – that is the question. Reasonable buyer would not offer the highest possible bid in auction. Reasonable seller of professional services will not offer the lowest possible bid either. The author discusses client – provider engagement and pricing policy from the point of view of game theory. The article is intended both for clients, who are interested in getting the lowest price possible retaining the best service providers, and for vendors, who are motivated to get fair price for their services and withhold the price pressure.

September 02, 2005  Serge Gladkoff, Logrus International

Contemporary Translation Technologies: from Home-Spun Industry to Mass Production

This article will lay out the reasons why, in the near future, translators as "members of one of the oldest professions" will no longer be able to work as they have in the past. At the same time, we will try to figure out which translators will be valued and respected by clients, and which are headed for jobs at the drive-through window.

May 17, 2005  Mike Zhomin, Logrus International

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