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Hi Alex,

The LQI result just came along on PASS. You got the highest score – 100. Good Job! I’ve assigned the LQI report to you online.


Our awards

Logrus received a certificate of acknowledgement from Microsoft for the successful localization of Windows 8.1.

Logrus received an award from Microsoft for its contribution to the release of Windows 8 and Windows Services in multiple languages.

Logrus received an award from Microsoft for outstanding contributions to the release of Windows 7 and Office 2010 in multiple languages.

A press review is an award, independent public recognition, because we do not order articles to be published, neither directly nor indirectly. Our literary translation of the Bard’s Tale game is named as the number one in the list of the best game localizations by the June Issue of the Navigator of the Game Industry Magazine.

“Bard`s Tale. Translating humor is generally a difficult task since jokes may be based on wordplay. And, in that sense, the work done by Logrus Studio can be called virtuosic: dubbing preserves the coloring of the game, while carefully giving place to subtitles during the songs. Nevertheless, we have paid special attention to the texts of the songs, not only by rendering the meaning in a poetic form, but also by preserving stressed syllables in the couplets."

“Navigator of the Game Industry” Magazine (“Навигатор игрового мира”), article “Language Barrier. The Localization Issues in Russia” (“Языковой барьер. Проблемы локализации в России”). June 2011

Source: http://mgnews.ru/read-news/yazykovoj-barjer-problemy-lokalizacii-v-rossii

Silver Web Development
Microsoft Certified Partner 2009-2010  
GAMELAND AWARD-2009 в номинации «Лучшая локализация для консолей»

 Fable II. The best localization for console games.

Microsoft award  
Microsoft Partner Programm  
Microsoft certified partner  
Microsoft.The Local Language Program congratulates.  
The Microsoft Certificate of Appreciation was awarded to Logrus in 2005 for contribution to several LIP projects for Microsoft Local Language Program.
The Certificate is signed by Jeff Allen, the Director of Windows Localization, and Stafford Quaid, Program Manager, Office LIP program.
Logrus was certified as 2004 Preferred Solutions Provider by the trustees of Client Side News (CSN).
Logrus received an Excellence in Localization Award from Microsoft. The plaque was awarded "IN RECOGNITION OF YOUR OUTSTANDING EFFORTS IN SHIPPING MICROSOFT INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTS." We sincerely appreciated this cool present for our 10th anniversary!

Logrus International Corporation was chosen by IBM Ireland Dublin Software Lab as the Lotus/IBM Software Engineering Supplier of the Year 2002 (category: Outsourced Localization Engineering).

Logrus won two Localization Partner Awards from Microsoft in 1995 and 1997.


Logrus won two Localization Partner Awards from Microsoft in 1995 and 1997.


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