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Bug Tracking System

All those who have anything to do with software development are well familiar with the 20/80 rule: the final 20% of work takes 80% of the time.

Paradoxical as it may seem, this is only natural given that product testing takes place at the final stage, when all bugs come to light, and the bigger the project, the more bugs it contains.

Often, many such bugs are discovered early on in the process, but not properly cited or eliminated at the time and lost in the midst of other important tasks. Attending to these bugs in a timely manner cuts project costs.

The Logrus Bug Tracking Database is a simple and convenient system for recording bugs and tracking their removal. A convenient web interface enables project participants to log any bugs in a single database as they are detected and allows project managers to monitor bugs as they emerge, appoint people responsible for fixing them and keep track of the bug removal process.

The Logrus Bug Tracking Database is a flexible solution that employs modern web technologies, which speed up deployment and can be configured promptly to the needs of a particular task.

Unlike other bug tracking solutions, the Logrus Bug Tracking Database includes a set of fields that can be custom-configured for each project. It also supports the creation of templates for various bug types, which considerably speed up the process of describing bugs. The built-in data filtering and sorting system makes it possible to arrange bugs by different conditions, which makes it easy to monitor the bugs.

The Bug Tracking System can be set up on either a local area network or a web server, making it accessible from any location with an Internet connection. Even when published on a web server, all data is reliably protected from unauthorized users.

It takes several days to a week to deploy the Logrus Bug Tracking Database.

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