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One of the most challenging kinds of translation – interpreting – demands both superior command of the spoken language, which is matched by an exhaustive  knowledge of the subject, and the ability to convey the meaning fully and promptly in a way that is understandable to the target audience.

Interpreters are constantly present at international events, including business negotiations, conferences, trade shows, etc. In many ways, the success of a company hinges on the quality of interpreting.

The two kinds of interpreting services – consecutive and simultaneous – are available depending on the format of the event, the number of speakers and international attendees, as well as other potential factors.

In the most common form of interpreting, consecutive interpreters perform translation during logical pauses in the speech or one sentence at a time. The pace of consecutive interpreting is fairly comfortable for the interpreter and guarantees a highly accurate and complete translation, it takes the speaker twice as much time to make the presentation. This restricts consecutive interpreting mainly to events with a limited number of speakers:

  • Business negotiations
  • Briefings and news conferences
  • In-house presentations
  • Workshops and trainings
  • Exhibitions
  • Tours
  • Telephone negotiations
  • Foreign delegations

Simultaneous interpreting is performed without interrupting the speaker, which saves time and enhances perception by the audience. This service is normally provided by a tandem of translators who take turns every 15-30 minutes. A complex and stressful process, simultaneous interpreting demands not only superior interpreting skills, but also a distinct setting which created through the employment of specialized equipment.

Simultaneous interpreting is a must for such events as:

  • Roundtables and seminars
  • Symposia
  • Conferences
  • Presentations
  • High-profile business negotiations
  • Business forums

There is a high demand for interpreting services across different industries: IT, automotive, finance etc. Russian customers commonly need interpretation from English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese.

Logrus offers a full range of interpreting services in the major European and Oriental languages and additionally handles the organizational aspect of the task. Our experts  determine the most suitable kind of interpreting service for an event and hand-pick a skilled interpreter. Our vast database of interpreters offers a selection of top-notch specialists in a wide variety of industries. Customers also have the choice of narrowing down the selection to such parameters as age, gender, and appearance.

Logrus provides all the necessary acoustic, presentation, and simultaneous interpreting equipment with an experienced engineer in tow:

  • Microphones
  • Wiring
  • Amplifiers and filters
  • Projectors
  • Screens
  • Soundproof booths
  • Receivers and headsets
  • IR emitters

Logrus’ services come with a guarantee of confidentiality and high quality. Falling back on many years of experience, Logrus is able to offer simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services to industry leaders.

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