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Again, we appreciate your attitude and carefulness. I do hope that the vendors of other languages I’ve cooperated were just like you. Thanks so much again for your team’s efforts!

LLA specifics

  • "Factory-direct", SLV-level pricing for an MLV solution. All price quotes for LLA core languages are based on direct rates offered by LLA member companies without any additional charge
Communication and managerial expenses are shouldered by the alliance members themselves.
  • Established, strong and reputable owner-operated local language solution providers for all languages
Experience is essential for receiving quality results. Each language supplier is motivated by direct rates, and most of them are managed by owners.
  • Transparency about “last mile” providers
All last mile providers are known to the customer.
  • Non-Linguistic tasks are performed in the BRIC zone (including project management) where costs are lower
All technical tasks, including project management, are centralized at a relatively low-cost location(s).
  • No internal competition among language providers
A stable structure where vendors can concentrate on their work as they do not have to stretch beyond reasonable limits by offering lower rates to defeat competitors.

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