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We have been using Logrus for the QA’s of the Office OEM and RETAIL CDL’s. We started using them about 4 weeks ago and so far we have found them excellent, they have been very flexible with regards to our schedules. Extremely responsive to mails and the quality of work has been very high. I would recommend them 100%.

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LLA Members

LLA currently unites the 9 companies listed below. Quality-oriented, small and medium localization and translation companies with a good track record and offering other languages are welcome! Please read more about LLA member requirements.
Founding Members
Logrus International Corporation, Founded in 1993
Web site: www.logrus.ru
Location: Moscow, Russia
Kyiv, Ukraine
Philadelphia, USA
LLA Languages:

Russian, Ukrainian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Armenian, Azeri, Georgian, Kazakh, Farsi, Icelandic


Generic Alias: 

Leonid Glazychev, General Manager ( ; )

Sergey Gladkov, President ( )

Texel, Founded in 1994
Web site: www.txl.co.il
Location: Netanya, Israel
LLA Languages: Hebrew
Adi Lev, VP Business Development ( )

Associate Members
ES (LLA Associated Member for Microsoft projects), Founded in 1994
Web site: www.estr.com
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
LLA Languages: Turkish
Sirma Uc, General Manager ( )
Idea Factory Languages, Founded in 2003
Web site: www.iflang.com
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
LLA Languages: Spanish
Teddy Bengtsson, CEO ( )
LogiText, Founded in 2007 (heir to PuntoLOC)
Web site: http://www.logitext.it
Location: Milano, Italy
LLA Languages: Italian
Alberto Scala, Managing Director ( )
text & form Software Lokalisierung GmbH, Founded in 1996
Web site: www.textform.de
Location: Berlin, Germany
LLA Languages: German
Kim Harris, Managing Director ( )
Verter IT, Founded in 2003
Web site: www.verterit.com
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
LLA Languages: Brazilian Portuguese
Cristiane Drummond, Managing Director ( )

Sergio Eduardo Braga Alves, Managing Director ( )
Translation From To, Founded in March 2004
Web site: www.translationfromto.com
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
LLA Languages: Bulgarian
Jane Stancheva, General Manager ( )

 Preferred Vendors
ORCO, Founded in 1983
Web site: www.orco.gr
Location: Athens, Greece
LLA Languages: Greek
Spiros N. Paschentis, Chairman & Managing Director ( )

Costas Nadalis, Managing Partner ( )

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