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Logrus at a glance

Logrus undertakes all aspects of the localization process, including project management, terminology research, glossary management, translation, software engineering, art preparation, testing and proof-reading, desktop publishing, sound recording, engineering and processing, and printing. No key tasks except for translation and terminology work are outsourced.

The largest number of languages and dialects we covered on a single project was 47. That was an engineering job of creating local date, time and telephone number recognizers for various locales for one of our major clients. Usually we carry out projects with localization into 4 to 24 languages. This includes translation, editing, proofreading, DTP etc. 

The biggest translation projects we have handled so far are SAP R/3 Documentation (approx. 3.7 million words) and Windows User Assistance (various Windows versions, more than 2 million words each).
Our employees speak 7 different languages, including Korean.
Logrus permanently employs approximately 110 staff members at the company’s site in Moscow, Russia. Moscow is the capital of Russia and one of the largest and most expensive megalopolises in the world with a moderate climate and absolutely no wildlife, including bears, in the streets.
Our premises are equipped with modern computers with the total number of workstations being over 300. All workstations are connected to a 100-Mbps network. The Internet connection is regularly upgraded to accommodate the increase in traffic, and its capacity is currently 10 Mbps (fiber-optic line).
The total floor space of our Moscow-based office has been doubling approximately every 2.5 years and now it measures 1,000 sq. meters (10,770 sq. feet).

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