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An entry has been made for outsourcer name: Logrus International


Willingness to work again: 5*
Comment:                      Perfect professional communication, clear tasks and optimal deadlines. Payment is always on time.
Met in person:                 No
Saw office:                      No
Client size:                       very_large
Years in business:             10

Project Management

It is well-known that large projects may involve anywhere from dozens to hundreds of people who come from all over the world and perform an enormous variety of functions.

The project manager not only to monitors the project progress and controls the process, but also promptly provides the client with relevant information promptly.
A client who feels comfortable is a happy client. To ensure this, it is important to keep the client properly informed and aware of project advancements.
We have developed DashBoard — a solution that optimizes managing operations during major projects.
DashBoard is a very easy-to-use tool that enables the efficient exchange of information. Its intuitive interface provides access to required information in no time. Data is updated daily, and both Logrus employees working on the project and the client’s representatives have immediate access to DashBoard. With our own DashBoard solution, the project manager is able to ensure that the client keeps track of the projects.
The rapid exchange of information helps save time that the manager and the client usually waste on e-mails and phone conversations to clarify the current situation.
All information is stored centrally, which speeds up the process and contributes to timely project completion. The data is arranged in a convenient and logical way: automatically updated diagrams provide a ’snapshot’ of the current situation allowing for swift decision-making and immediate data analysis.
We have over 15 years' experience of cooperation with international companies. Our experience helps us to correctly evaluate the needs of every client and offer efficient and convenient solutions. Within a few days of the project’s commencement, our DashBoard is adjusted to its specifics and requirements.


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