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Dear Yuri,

Thank you so much for all your amazing help with these files today.
Could you please provide us with the contact for your manager so that we can express our appreciation of your great help to your superior as well?

Thanks and regards,


Prepress Printing

Prepress printing is an integral part of creating high-quality printed materials. In order for a printed document to be completely in line with expectations, the layout needs to be carefully handled and prepared specifically for the given printing equipment.

The prepress process may include the following steps:

  • Photograph processing
  • Color correction
  • Color management
  • trapping
  • development of electronic stripe release

Logrus offers comprehensive solutions for the development of printing materials, which spans from layout design to typography printing and delivery of the finished product. Our specialists execute prepress on the highest level and in accordance with all typographic demands, including  proper document formatting.

A broad technical foundation allows us to present files in any format and resolution for different types of printing and printing equipment. Many years of experience with typography allow us to print materials with guaranteed quality and competitive prices.*

*Production and delivery of printed materials is available only throughout Russia.

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