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<well-known companies> has completed the evaluation of our translation vendors for our 3rd quarter period... Logrus has performed within our expectations for this period with an overall performance level of 100%. Anything above 0% is within our expected levels. Congratulations for the consistently good performance over the last two quarters!

Translation team management

It is essential to maintain consistency of translation terminology and style in voluminous translation projects and software localization. Effective collaboration between translators and editors is especially vital in large localization projects.

The Logrus Knowledge Management System is a new solution on the market designed to simplify the coordination of translation and localization teams. The system can also be put to effective use in drawing up original documentation.

This solution saves a great deal of time for all project participants and ensures seamless integration of translation fragments from several translators into a single document.

The main feature that sets the Logrus Knowledge Management System apart from other products on the translation process automation market its employment of web technologies. This makes it universally compatible, regardless of the project participant’s operating system.

The system for managing software localization and translation projects can be deployed both on separate workstations and online, which enables effective collaboration among all participants, wherever they may be.

Term description fields can be customized for every localization project, which makes the system highly efficient and convenient.

Upon creating a new entry, a localization project participant can configure the system to automatically alert all or some of the team participants (for example, only editors or translators).

The search and filter functionality saves a lot of time that would otherwise be spent looking for the translation of a particular term or group of terms.

It takes several days to deploy the Logrus Knowledge Management System. This solution is available both separately and as a part of other Logrus products.

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