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An entry has been made for outsourcer name: Logrus International


Willingness to work again: 5*
Comment:                      Perfect professional communication, clear tasks and optimal deadlines. Payment is always on time.
Met in person:                 No
Saw office:                      No
Client size:                       very_large
Years in business:             10

Website content management system

It is unthinkable that any company, big or small, would be without a website of its own. Advertisement of products and services, keeping customers informed, and publishing news as they occur is but a short list of tasks that can be accomplished through a website.

However, managing content of sophisticated websites is arguably impossible without content management systems.

The Logrus Content Management System is a modern solution that simplifies website content creation and updates. It lets you manage websites, however complex, without the need to master sophisticated web technologies; office application skills are sufficient to operate the system.

The market offers multiple CMS solutions, so it can prove challenging to pick one suited to your needs. While some systems are not sufficiently flexible and impose their own data structure on users, others tend to be oversized and slow users down with unwanted functionality.

The Logrus Content Management Systemis a flexible solution that can be seamlessly tailored to each project, which makes it highly efficient in accomplishing your tasks.

The ability to create a custom data structure and field sets for each site helps present information in the best possible way. No specialized knowledge is required to operate the system and text can be edited and formatted using a WYSIWYG editor with a user-friendly interface styled as Microsoft Word.

The security features of Logrus CMS reliably protect the content management system of your website against hacker attacks and intrusions. You can also manage the website from within a local area network or any location with an Internet connection.

Logrus CMS is available separately or can be integrated with other Logrus products. It takes 1-2 weeks to deploy and configure the system, depending on the level of sophistication of the website.

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