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We have been using Logrus for the QA’s of the Office OEM and RETAIL CDL’s. We started using them about 4 weeks ago and so far we have found them excellent, they have been very flexible with regards to our schedules. Extremely responsive to mails and the quality of work has been very high. I would recommend them 100%.

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Localisation Focus Article about Successful Development for W3C

Renat Bikmatov, Serge Gladkoff
December 20, 2013

Localisation Focus, an international research journal concerned with localization and standardization, has published an article titled Visualization of ITS 2.0 Metadata for Localization Process (VOL. 12 Issue 1 (2013)). It covers the results of applied development by Logrus for the the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) as part of efforts to implement the ITS 2.0 localization metadata standard. We have developed tools for visualizing content-embedded metadata of the ITS 2.0 standard. This significantly improves the quality of translation and speeds up the localization of content in XML, HTML, and XLIFF formats. Metadata can contain information about terms, the interface elements to be left untranslated, the meaning of polysemic concepts, and the like. The results have been published and are freely accessible as an Open Source product.

Localisation Focus is a journal published by the Localisation Research Centre (University of Limerick, Ireland, www.localisation.ie). It is also available online: www.localisation.ie/resources/locfocus.

An online version of the article is available here.

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